Waterfront Cottage for Rent, Manitoulin Island

Black's Bay Lodge Cottage for rent, Manitoulin Island Ontario Canada

Waterfront Cottage for Rent on Manitoulin Island, 2,032 sq. ft. cottage, 4 bedrooms (sleeps 10 max.)

100% solar/wind electrical power generated on site

Map of Manitoulin Island area, Ontario Canada
Waterfront Cottage powered by Green Energy
BBay generates wind & solar power
Cottage includes:
  • wrap-around cedar deck on 3 sides
  • balcony overlooking Lake Huron
  • kitchen, living room, dining room, mud room, 4 pc. bathroom (tub, shower, sink, flush toilet), workroom, 4 bedrooms
Map showing location of Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron, part of the Great Lakes system on the border between Canada and the United States.

Manitoulin Island is largest freshwater island in the world.

Manitoulin Island has 110 inland lakes; most with excellent fishing for salmon, trout, muskie, bass, perch, pike, walleye, etc.

Manitoulin Island is well worth the journey.

Manitoulin Island has 7 First Nations reserves with many cultural festivals, art work, & Pow Wows throughout the year, especially during the summer months.

I see you are interested in renting a cottage.  This may be different than what you currently have in mind, but I hope you consider it anyways.  Maybe it's even better than your original ideas.

All the information you could possibly want is on our web site:   Waterfront Cottage at Black's Bay Lodge

The waterfront cottage is 2,032 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms, and sleeps up to 10 people.  This waterfront cottage is on a private, 113 acre forest just 3 km from town.   See BBay's rental rates, then compare our rates to Ontario cottage rental rates.  BBay is cheaper and better!  During spring, fall, and winter, there are significant discounts available.  This rental rate is for exclusive use of the entire site, all to yourselves.  This is a very private site, but only 3 km from the town of Providence Bay.

The cottage availability calendar can be found here  BBay's Availability Calendar , and is the most up-to-date source of BBay's available dates.  If you ask me "Is it available for my dates...", this is where I go to check out whether the cottage is available, or not.

Is BBay the place you've been looking for, or dreaming about?

Be sure to look at the pictures of the main lodge:    Pictures of Waterfront Cottage for Rent

Look at some of the activities available at BBay and in the area: http://www.blacksbay.com/activities/activities.htm

Here are some pictures of people enjoying BBay:    http://www.blacksbay.com/pictures.htm

There are also pictures of the sights and activities available on Manitoulin Island:    http://www.blacksbay.com/manitoulin.html

Here are some pictures on BBay's beach, as well as the huge sand beach at Providence Bay (3 km. from BBay).  Providence Bay has the largest sand beach on Manitoulin Island (~2 km. long). http://www.blacksbay.com/beach.htm

There are also pictures of the auxiliary systems at BBay:  http://www.blacksbay.com/lodge/auxil.html

There are also maps of Manitoulin Island & the BBay site:   http://www.blacksbay.com/img/maps/maps.html

For more background info on Manitoulin Island and the area around BBay, check out some of the Manitoulin tourism links: http://www.blacksbay.com/links/manitoulin_links.html

For answers to the detailed questions, check out our Renter's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):    http://www.blacksbay.com/rent/FAQ.html

If you still can't find what you're looking for, use our web site site keyword search engine.  Put in your key words & find all occurrences of it on the BBay site:   http://www.blacksbay.com/search.html

Sometimes in life, we miss asking a really important question until too late.  BBay believes in "full disclosure"  We have therefore developed a table comparing BBay's cottage and facilities to a standard 3-bedroom house in a subdivision of a major city.  In this way, if something is missing or extra at the cottage, or you might be surprised later, this is where you will find out about it now.  For example, is there a dishwasher at BBay?  Are there pillows, or dishes there, or do we bring our own?:   http://www.blacksbay.com/lodge/facilities.html

We have written a Renter's Guide & Operating Manual so that anyone renting is not left stranded on how to change propane tanks, or start the generator, or where the hiking trail is located.  I wrote down everything I know & indexed every word in the back of the binder so you can quickly find what you're looking for.  The Table of Contents to the Renter's Guide is located here:   http://www.blacksbay.com/lodge/oper_manual.html

When you are seriously considering renting BBay for your vacation, but need to know the costs, look here:   http://www.blacksbay.com/rent/rates.html  The spring, fall, & winter rates are at a large discount.  All year long, children under 5 yrs. old are free.

Think you can find something cheaper or better?  Check out the cottage rental price comparison: http://www.blacksbay.com/rent/ontario_cottage_rental_rates.htm

It all looks great, maybe too good to be true???   Take a look at some of the references we have received from previous guests.   http://www.blacksbay.com/rent/comments/renters.html

If you still need more info, or need to know where to reach us, our contact info can be found here    http://www.blacksbay.com/contact.html

Finally, when you've decided that you have found what you're looking for, go here:    http://www.blacksbay.com/rent/applications/applic_request.html
fill out the application forms.

Print off the Application Form and the Liability Waiver.  Read BBL's Rental Policy.  Send us your deposit, we'll review your application & send you a confirming email if the time you requested is still available, & if your application has been accepted.  We'll then colour in some more red squares on the web site calendar, reserving your time at BBay.  The place is officially yours for the requested dates.

Glenn & Judy

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